Selton Hill March 1921 – When active service in one’s community required very different sacrifices.

Summary: My Grandfather was quoted, on the 50th Anniversary of the Selton Hill tragedy, as saying “€œWe never thought the day would come, when we would see the end of it”€. From a very young age, and long before I was aware of most things, I was aware of the War of Independence. Before I learned or gained an understanding of any other part of our history, as a nation and a people, I knew the tragic tale of young lives lost at Selton Hill. Patrick Guckian was one of the 5 survivors, from the eleven man flying column who had arrived at Selton Hill Gorvagh on a cold March morning in 1921. 100 years later this is my inherited experience.

Presentation by Sinead Guckian 2021

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