Johnny Mulhern celebrating the life of Seán MacDiarmada

  • This is a passage from the writings of Johnny Mulhern who came from Kiltyclogher

    Little did he (Seán) think as he walked the heather hills of Corranmore in years away that such should occur to him little did his comrade of youth dream of parting with him thus but let us try and remember him.
    Here follows at least so shall we remember him.

    Winds of melancholy sighs
    Why is it thus ye wail?
    Like when some blessed soul it flies
    Away from Granuaile.
    Like some departed patriot son
    Of truth and love galore
    Who thus a martyr’s crown hath won
    Like Sean from Corranmore.

    The winds may whisper in the trees
    The streamlets murmers too
    But Sean, Oh thow:- who is it sees
    The happy life of you
    “Vouch safe my land” my body give”
    Like others gone before
    For evermore I’d die to live
    With Sean from Corranmore.

    The hills may bend in majesty
    Where off a boy he strayed
    And look in ease oor Corranbeg
    Wherein he off delayed
    But grief must follow on with me
    And tears flow by the score
    Because I never more can see
    My Sean from Corranmore.

    How off his journey brought him to
    The wooded heights of Glann
    And on the rugged heights of Dhua
    He struggled to his clan
    And when his form was seen anear
    The boys all hurried on
    And hailed him welcome with a cheer
    Their Sean from Corranmore.

    But Oh, his land he loved it more,
    (But did he love in vain)

    Where off he lad his gallant host
    His Land to free again,
    Should we flinch they cry aloud
    Drive England from the door”
    We need not fear our leader proud
    Is Sean from Corranmore.

    Alas: he led them bravely on
    And led them out of breath
    But ere he saw a seventh dawn
    His body lay in Death.
    So Corranmore must live alone
    And grieve in accents sore
    He lies beneath the caism stone
    Brave Sean from Corranmore.