Mairead McGuinness (MEP)

  • Mairead McGuinness MEP

    Mairead McGuinness MEP

    Session 3: 3.30 p.m.
    Title: Rural Ireland’s Place in Europe.

    Mairead McGuinness is the First Vice-President
    of the European Parliament and represents the
    Midlands-North-West constituency in Ireland.

    As First Vice-President, she oversees relations with
    national parliaments, in particular with the EU
    affairs committees of Member State parliaments.
    She has responsibility for the Parliament’s dialogue
    with religious and non-confessional organisations
    on EU policies and legislative proposals under
    Article 17 of the TFEU.
    She is a member of the Parliament’s
    Agriculture and Rural Development
    Committee, the Environment, Public
    Health and Food Safety Committee
    and the Constitutional Affairs
    Mairead is a Member of the
    European Parliament since 2004.