George O’ Malley

  • Session 1: 10.30 a.m.
    Title: Saving the West – What Time Is Left?

    An honours graduate in pure mathematics and the
    sciences, George commenced his career in education,
    teaching for over a decade at second and third level
    colleges in Ireland. A career change around 1988 saw
    him enter the private forestry sector in Ireland, and
    in the post Berlin-wall Europe, George, deepened
    this engagement in the emerging challenges facing
    the economies of Central/East European countries
    and some former Russian States.
    George has lead several projects in forestry, land use,
    rural development and their associated SME sectors
    over two decades, these projects being funded by
    the private sector and industry, EC and World Bank.

    He is generally regarded as being the first in
    Ireland to recognise the significance of bio refining
    for the integrated production of power, fuels,
    chemicals and materials from biomass residue
    created in agriculture, forestry and marine sectors
    through his participation in an EC Fifth Framework
    research project.
    More recently he introduced Forest Management
    Certification to the private forest sector in Ireland
    and developed the first scheme to facilitate private
    forest owners achieving forest certification. Born
    and reared on a small farm in West Mayo he is
    passionately concerned about the future of small
    scale farmers and rural economies everywhere, but
    especially in the West of Ireland.